Storm Doors & Porch Enclosures

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Porch Enclosures Aztech Doors and Windows


How often do you use your deck or patio? Would you use it more often if it was shaded and mosquito free? Screen porches offer more privacy, increase your living space and allow fresh air to flow through your home. Having professional designers and installers construct your porch will ensure that your screen porch will look great and last for a long time.

Porch enclosures are immensely practical additions to your home especially in the extreme Canadian climate. In the winter, porch enclosure acts as another barrier to cold winds and snow every time you open your front insulated door. In the summer, porch enclosures with screened doors and windows create a nice bug-free space to sit in the breeze.

Entrance enclosures are custom fabricated glass panels and doors made from 2″ aluminum profile specifically designed to fit into these existing openings.

Storm Doors Aztech Doors and Windows


The storm door is a type of door that is installed outside your entrance door. It protects your entrance door from the elements and allows additional ventilation when needed with the door closed. Storm doors are made of sturdy aluminum profile and come with a variety of the glass inserts.

Storm doors are often combined with the storm windows and sidelites to provide a consistent look and extra protection from the bad weather.

Doors are made with the sturdy aluminum profile and are maintenance free.
Hardware and sweeps (see below) come in a variety of finishes.

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  • Reinforced die cast corners, 2″x2″ frame
  • Four Heavy Duty hinges with oil-lite bearings
  • 3mm tempered glass
  • Durable Aluminum screen
  • Superior weatherstripping system
  • White Heavy Duty hardware and pneumatic


  • Custom sizes, transoms and side panels are available.
  • Hardware that comes in a wide variety of finishes and designs
  • Matching grain composite doorframe
  • Standard door colours are White, Brown, Ivory, Sandalwood and Clay
  • Variety of sandblasted ornaments on the glass


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